GTRA sees record-breaking passenger totals in May

Golden Triangle Regional Airport (courtesy)

Golden Triangle Regional Airport saw more outbound passengers fly out from the airport in May than any other month since the airport first opened in 1971.

According to the most recent numbers, GTRA saw 4,043 passengers fly Delta from the airport, along with 95 chartered flights.

GTRA Executive Director Mike Hainsey said the primary reasons for the positive trajectory can be attributed to the maturation of local businesses, who have a willingness to support local airports and improved reliability for airlines.

For instance, the on-tine rate at GTRA was higher last month than the industry average, at 86 percent.

“We’ve never put out more than 4,000 passengers in a month and at one point the airport had three airlines,” he said. “Basically, our flights are running full majority of the time.”

Hainsey then said local groups are taking advantage of the low rates and accessibility of the airport.

“The prices have been reasonable, and we just had a church group from West Point that went to Kenya,” he said. “Eleven people flew from here because it was $300 cheaper than going out of Atlanta, plus they got home (Monday) night and just drove 10 miles to get home.”

If the trends continue for the airport, Hainsey said the positive growth could result in services going west, starting in possibly Dallas, which is home to the Airbus Helicopters headquarters.

“Paccar and Yokohama are all major users of the airport, and what it helps us with is in our quest for additional service, specifically westbound service,” Hainsey said.