Growth on the horizon for the Boys & Girls Clubs of the Golden Triangle

Staff Writer

The Boys & Girls Clubs of the Golden Triangle, Inc. are primed for growth thanks to the support of their friends from the Mullen Family 36 Foundation. The organization is currently facing two critical needs: the need for a new home for its Starkville Club members and the need to serve those children in West Point and Clay County.

“Expansion to the West Point community has been a part of the vision within our strategic plan since 2015 and the need for a better facility for our Starkville Club members has been evident for some time as well,” said Nadia Colom, CEO of the Golden Triangle Clubs. "We were thrilled to have the Mullen Foundation express interest in supporting both efforts as we knew they’d be key to the organization’s goal of serving more children, more often.”

In September, the organization will launch its “36 Reasons” campaign, focused on garnering community support from 36 businesses and/or individuals within both the West Point and Starkville communities in support of their expansion efforts. The Mullen Foundation was happy to be the first in committing their support.

"We are aware there are several churches in West Point who offer after school tutoring," Colom said. "We have no intention of trying to compete with them, we want the help of churches in reaching the kids who can benefit from Boys & Girls Club."

Colom said the purpose of Boys & Girls Club is to give children something to do and a safe place to go after school She said Boys & Girls Club helps young people to reach their full potential. Colom said in a few weeks the group will be letting the public know what still needs to be done to make a West Point Boys & Girls Club a reality.

“West Point is the first place I ever visited in Mississippi, way back when I was at the golf channel and Dan was coaching at the University of Florida" Megan Mullen, of the Mullen Foundation said.

I absolutely fell in love with the town and people of West Point and I can tell you that’s a huge reason why Dan and I took this job at MSU. Mullen said when Nadia told her there was a huge need for a Boys & Girls Club there, she fell in love with the idea and had to make sure that the foundation was the first to jump on board and support thie organization and their work,

The Mullen Family 36 Foundation was created to lend a helping hand to children in need. Similar to the mission of the Boys & Girls Clubs, its focus is to enrich the lives of youth through healthcare, education, athletics, the arts and scholarship.

“I’m so happy for the children of West Point and Starkville and those communities," Mullen said. "This is going to change lives and that’s what the Mullen Family 36 Foundation is all about as well. We are beyond honored to be working with Nadia and the Golden Triangle Clubs to do this,”

The Boys & Girls Clubs of the Golden Triangle currently serves close to 400 children yearly with an average of 120 on a daily basis in both Columbus & Starkville. Children have a safe place go to after school and during the summer to participate in education, art, recreation, health and character building activities.

For more information about ways to support the 36 Reasons Campaign, please call Executive Director Nadia Colom at (662) 418-7285 or visit our website at
The Boys & Girls Club of the Golden Triangle, Columbus-Starkville is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization that has a vision to have the greatest impact on the youth within the Golden Triangle.