Grazing bids pay off for county

Staff Writer

Rebidding the grazing lease on county-owned industrial land results in a small windfall.

The Clay County Economic Development District opened bids Thursday on a four-year lease for 472.82 acres split among five tracts along Barton Ferry, Hazelwood and Cosby Corner roads near the Yokohama tire plant.

Thelma McClenton was the high bidder, offering to pay $25.39 per acre or $12,005 a year. B. Bryan Farms, which currently has the contract, bid $19.65 per acre or $9,090.91 per year.

B. Bryan Farms, which is surrounded by most of the county land, has the current contract, paying $15 an acre.

"It was worth it for us to bid. That's always a good practice to make sure we are getting the most for taxpayers," CCEDD Board President Scott Ross said.

The lease only allows grazing and not the planting of crops.