Friends of the Library requesting book donations

The annual Book Sale at the Bryan Public Library is Saturday, Aug. 31, and Friends of the Library can use some help to make it successful.
Staff Writer

Friends of the Library does a great deal to keep the Bryan Public Library up-to-date with books, equipment and providing funding for the Summer Reading Program.

The donations from fundraising efforts such as Luncheon With Books, the Valentine Bake Sale and Raffle, along with an occasional raffle of a specialty item, help keep the library up-to-date. But the annual Book Sale is the biggest fundraiser for Friends.

"We are so lucky to have such a wonderful, generous and hard working Friends of the Library," Valerie Hargrove, circulation librarian at the BPL, said. "They are always willing to help us with our book collection by donating money they earn through their various fundraisers throughout the year."

Friends helps the BPL buy new equipment and are always willing to help pay for repairs that the library might not be able to afford otherwise, Hargrove said.

"They are more than willing to help," Hargrove said. "They do not mind volunteering their time for different library events during the year."

The annual Book Sale is a great way to help the library, by purchasing used books.

"We have a great selection of books that have been donated this year. But we could use more. Fiction, Non-Fiction, Children's and Young Adult books, all are welcome."

Lucille Armstrong, president of Friends, asks that people not throw books away, but donate them.

"If you are cleaning your home and come across books that you don't want anymore, donate them," Armstrong said. "Cookbooks and craft books are always in demand at the Book Sale."

Betty Carpenter, a member of Friends, suggested donating books that children have outgrown.

"Children's books sell well," Carpenter said. "If you children and grandchildren aren't reading the books anymore, donate them. Some other child will love to read them."

Armstrong asked that books be gently used. They accept hardcover and paperback books.

"Donating old children's books allows the library to be able to buy new children's books to have on the shelves for borrowing," Armstrong said.

Friends recently donated $5,000 to the BPL for the purchase of new books and equipment, and $1,000, for the Summer Reading Program. Donating used books allows Friends to continue to support the BPL.

"The mission of Friends is to do what we can to help the Bryan Public Library," Armstrong said. "The budget cuts from the legislature have devastated the funds to run local public libraries."

What the BPL can accept:

Paperback/hardcover recent/popular fiction.
Up-to-date non-fiction.
Children/young adult books.
Graphic novels for kids and adults.
DVDs popular movie titles and children's movies.
Audio books.

Items the library cannot use:

Books that have been wet, are dirty, missing pages or broken spines.
Reference books, such as, textbooks, dictionaries, encyclopedias, Bibles or thesauruses.
VHS, cassettes, music CDs or pirated DVDs.

Donation times are: Mondays and Tuesdays, 10 a.m. - 4 p.m.
For more information call 662-494-4872.