Former students return home to Mary Holmes College

Donna Summerall
Staff Writer

Students who attended Mary Holmes College all say the same thing about the junior college where many were away from their parents and on their own for the first time; Mary Holmes College became home.
“I loved my time at Mary Holmes,” Darlene Cox, former student, said. “It was a wonderful school. Teachers took up time with you if you needed a little extra help. I’m glad I went to school there. I was an older student. But when I walked through those doors for the first time, I was treated the same as everyone else.”
The school taught the students to never give up, to never settle for second best and to encourage one another in their struggles. Students graduated from Mary Holmes College and went on to be successful in many fields. The school gave them a firm foundation to build on that they would never forget.
Cox said the reunions for the students, staff and faculty are so very special, and she loves taking part in the reunions.
“It’s wonderful to see old classmates, teachers and staff during the reunions,” Cox said. “I thought the idea to have it for four days instead of three was great. It gave us all another day to visit. I love these people.”
More than 60 people who had been part of the Mary Holmes College community came back for the four day reunion.
“We had around 70 people take part in the reunion,” Belinda Rice, coordinator for the reunion said. “Everyone had a good time. We had our informal registration and meet and greet Thursday night. Our White Attire Banquet was Friday night and Saturday we took items to Sally Kate Winters Family Services. Giving back and helping others was a huge part of the Mary Holmes experience.”
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