Focus on fitness at Rotary

Rotary Club President, Marc Stewart, participates in a demonstration of Crossover Symmetry, for increasing shoulder strength and flexibility, by Fitness Specialist, Joseph McLaughlin of the Wellness Center, during the meeting of the West Point Rotary Club.
Staff Writer

With an increase in rotator cuff tears and injuries, the Wellness Center has been focusing on strength and flexibility training with Crossover Symmetry.

Joseph McLaughlin, Fitness Specialist at the Wellness Center asked for a volunteer to demonstrate the device at Thursday's meeting of the West Point Rotary Club.

"This seems to be an issue in the shoulders with older people." McLaughlin said. "This device helps to prevent the damage from happening. The bands come in a different strengths. The purple one is for beginners and the red for those more advanced who want the higher resistance."
There is a lot going on at the Wellness Center, During September they are offering some new classes, and participated in the 9/11 Fitness Challenge last week with the West Point Fire Department.

"We will be offering a Self-Defense class 5:30 to 6:30 p.m. on Tuesdays," McLaughlin said. "With instructor George Brown. It is basic self-defense, blocks, kicks and punches, handgun self defense, how to break free from holds and other information."

The Wellness Center is the most comprehensive health and fitness facility in the Clay County area.

"We offer spin classes with abs, in the early morning. P.A.C.E. (People with Arthritis Can Exercise) for people with arthritis, chair yoga, step aerobics, body sculpting, Zumba," McLaughlin said. "P.A.C.E. and chair yoga are good for senior citizens to get them moving and staying active."
Everyone loves Mary Ann Shows who has been working with the P.A.C.E. Class at the Wellness Center since 2012.

McLaughlin teaches the Zumba Class on Thursdays and encouraged anyone who likes to dance to be a part of his class.

"We have the Competitive Edge Class class for children," McLaughlin said. "It is for agility, weight training and personalized performance training for kids."

He said for those who are afraid to join and not know what to do on the equipment, there are personal trainers to help along the way to feeling and looking your best.