A favorite author to return to LWB

Carolyn Haines signs a copy of one of her books during a previous Luncheon With Books. (File photo)
Daily Times Leader

Whether she is writing mysteries, horror, cozies or an ill-fated foray into romance novels, author Carolyn Haines, is known to pack the house during Luncheon With Books. She is coming to the Bryan Public Library at noon, Thursday, Aug. 15. The Luncheon With Books series is sponsored by Friends of the Library, and lunch is provided with a $6 donation.

Her latest Sarah Booth Delaney Mystery, "Game of Bones" makes 20 novels in the series.

In "Game of Bones," Dr. Frank Hafner is an archeologist working on excavating a new-found Native American temple site in the Mississippi Delta. He’s also too handsome for his own good, and a bit of a flirt. Oddly enough, it’s the first quality that gets him in trouble when he discovers the ritualistic murder of one of his archeological crew. When Coleman Peters, Sheriff and Sarah Booth’s boyfriend, takes Dr. Hafner in for questioning in the murder, the accused doctor hires Sarah Booth to clear his name.

"I always get excited when Carolyn calls to let me know she is ready to come back to West Point," Lucille Armstrong, president of Friends, said. "I'm proud to know she calls me her friend. She is a marvelous writer and we are so grateful that she loves to come and visit us at Luncheon With Books."

Haines is a favorite author and she enjoys coming to talk. Whether her subject is her latest novel, why she became a writer, or her early life in the Delta, her audience is always appreciative.

"To me, West Point is the perfect little city," Haines said. "There is real community here, and caring people who look out for each other. Growing up in Lucedale, which is much smaller than West Point, I find that there is plenty to do in West Point, so it has that nice blend of small town but also advantages of a bigger city."

She said coming to the West Point library is always a special treat for her, and she's so honored that they invite her back each year to do Luncheon with Books.

"I have to say, the cooks who make up the Friends group for the library are some of the finest in the world," Haines said. "They know how to turn out the perfect summer luncheon. And the audience is always so generous and interested. It's just a very fun experience."

Haines has cut back on her travels to the bone, because of the animal rescue she has and the difficulty of leaving so many old and needy animals, but she said. West Point is one trip she won't miss.

"And as an added bonus, I get to visit with Lucille Armstrong, my adopted cousin and friend," Haines said. "West Point is so very lucky to have this force of nature working on behalf of community events."