Faith Baptist Church celebrates 30-year anniversary

Faith Baptist Church is celebrating its 30-year anniversary, at 10:30 a.m. Sunday, June 2, during the morning worship service.
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Faith Baptist Church is celebrating its 30-year anniversary, Sunday, June 2, during the morning worship service.

Former pastor Ben McDaniel will be speaking Sunday morning. There will be a catered lunch in the fellowship hall, following the service.

"We will come back at 5 p.m. for a close of the day praise service," Gwen Yarber, wife of current pastor, Ben Yarber, said. "We won't have preaching, but we will be praising God for His blessings on our church."

The Yarbers have been with Faith Baptist Church for 14 years, as of Aug. 29, 2004. When asked about retiring, Yarber said they aren't thinking about it anytime soon.

"We celebrated our 25 year anniversary in 2013, along with a burning of the note from the bank," Yarber said. "So the church building itself is free and clear. That was a huge accomplishment and something else we are thankful to God for."

Faith Baptist Church established its charter May 1, 1988, There were 43 members who signed the charter creating the new church. It was born from the ashes of West End Baptist Church. A fire broke out before a Thanksgiving Banquet at West End, in the previous year and destroyed the church.  Rev. Jimmy Carr was pastor at that time. The church had insurance to cover the loss of the building but the loss was devastating to many. There was nowhere for the members to meet and worship.

Oak Hill Academy was very gracious and allowed West End Baptist to use their facilities until a new church could be built.  A very important question came up as the rebuilding project was about to begin. 

"Some of the members wished to rebuild on the same site," Yarber said. "Others wanted a fresh start in a different location. So West End rebuilt on the original site and others chose to step out on faith with a new location."

Then six acres of land, with a home, was available on East Churchill Road.  It belonged to Lloyd Taylor who offered it to the church members for sale. 

A building committee was elected with Bill Ladd elected as chairman. The committee visited other building sites, talked with contractors, architects, obtained costs, and eventually brought a blueprint to the church.  The design was for a church that would seat 300-350 people. Having 100 members at the time, the church stepped out on faith and built a sanctuary that would allow for growth.

It was all built on faith.