Environmental Services remain essential at NMMC-West Point

Veronica Sawyer, supervisor of Environment Services with Denise Neely who is a part of the Environmental Services team at NMMC-West Point. (Donna Summerall DTL)
Donna Summerall
Staff Writer

During the COVID-19 pandemic, nurses have been on the front lines of one-on-one patient care. They have been the ones to receive the most attention by treating those with the coronavirus.

But there are others who make sure the rooms are clean, disinfected and and as germ-free as possible for the patient. They are the people who are employed as Environmental Services Technicians.

"We have an amazing staff here at North Mississippi Medical Center," Barry Keel, administrator of NMMC-West Point, said. "They all work well together and give our patients the best care possible. Our Environmental Services Technicians are truly amazing at keeping our hospital as germ-free as it can possibly be. Everyone is dressed in PPEs and they are ready to do the job."

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