Eagles take off with work outside

David Foster
Staff Writer
Temperatures have been warming up so conditioning for football season outside this time of the year can be tough.
Hebron Christian School football coach David Foster believes it’s better to be safe because of the potential spread of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), so the less time spent inside the weight room the better.
Even though his Eagles have been asking their coach to get inside to hit the weights, Foster has been instructing otherwise.
“We do stuff outside so we could spread out as far as agility drills,” Foster said. “We weren’t doing any weight lifting. They kept talking about the weight room. I told them we may go in the weight room later, but when we do that, I’m putting you side by side in there because you have to have a workout partner. You are going to end up wearing a mask in there and we’ll need to wipe down the machine after you get done with it every time and the next person will wipe it down before you start. There are just a lot of things you’ll have to do.” 
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