Disturbance calls keep police busy


The West Point Fire Department had its busiest month of the year in May and the summer rush started a month early for the Police Department, according to their monthly reports to the Board of Selectmen.

Of the 33 calls during May, firefighters answered seven fire calls in May. Of those, three were grass or brush fires and two were car or truck fires, according to Chief Ken Wilbourne’s report.

Crews responded to 14 medical assist calls, including seven traffic accidents. They also had three gas leaks and seven false alarms.

Police officers responded to 1,475 calls for service in May, according to Chief Avery Cook’s report. That was by far the most of any month so far this year. May traditionally starts the busy stretch of summer months for the department.

Virtually every category was up, from 12 vandalism calls to 105 suspicious persons, cars or incidents.Officers made 518 traffic stops and worked 56 accidents, including 11 with injuries.They had 10 shots fired calls, 21 shoplifting reports, 13 thefts, and 29 reckless drivers.

Officers responded to 106 disturbances, 11 calls to clear parking lots, 75 alarms and 68 animal calls.

The department made 84 misdemeanor arrests, including 16 for shoplifting, eight for petty larceny, and six for drug violations. Disturbance-related arrests dominated the misdemeanors during the month with seven for disorderly conduct, five for disturbing the peace, three for disturbing the family, six for domestic violence, three for public drunk, two for public profanity, three for resisting arrest, five for simple assault, two each for stalking and telephone harassment and seven for trespassing.

They also were busy writing 222 traffic-related citations during May. That included 43 driver’s license violations, 68 for not wearing a seat belt, seven for DUI, 23 for speeding10 for running a stop sign, and eight for careless driving.