Covid numbers continue to climb

Staff Writer

Clay County Emergency Management Agency Director, Torrey Williams, came before the Clay County Board of Supervisors to talk about the increase in the number of COVID-19 cases in Clay County.
"The numbers have started going up, they are still rising," Williams said. "I expect that they will continue to rise due to the holidays with Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years all back to back."
He said there have been several covid related deaths in the past weeks.
The information is supposed to be pushed up by the MS Dept. of Health. They have, for some reason been leaving Clay County out of the press releases, according to Williams.
"It seems that the numbers are being released about all of our neighboring counties," Shelton Deanes said. "But it looks like we aren't having any deaths. But we are. I'm not seeing it reported correctly. It would be good if nobody died from it or even had it. But I know different."