Court readies for ‘old fine day’


West Point Municipal Court officials say they aren’t sure what to expect Friday, the deadline day for hundreds of people to have paid off old fines, some dating back a decade.

The court published 40 pages of names, fine amounts and offenses on the Police Department’s Facebook page Feb. 2 and gave people on the list until Feb. 22 to settle up or show why their name was listed incorrectly. Those who hadn’t settled their case are to show up Friday, starting at 9 a.m.

Court Clerk Monica Lairy said Wednesday she doesn’t know what to expect, especially since some people have been coming in and making payments. Others have called, though, and said they would show up Friday.

If a large crowd does show up, the small courtroom won’t handle more than about 25 people at a time, meaning some cases may have to be handled in shifts.

Judge Mark Cliett, who had the names posted, said he was planning on a potentially long day.

Weather could be a factor, especially since some people may have it wait outside if the crowds are large.

“We’ll have some extra people around keeping an eye on things and trying to make sure everything runs as smoothly as it can,” Police Capt. Virginia Rich said. “We’ll have a plan.”

The list had as many as 1,500 names with $1 million in fines. In the last two weeks, fine revenues have been higher than normal but not by big percentages.