County road repair under way

Josh Presley
News Reporter

Improvements to roads and infrastructure were the talk of Thursday's Clay County Board of Supervisors meeting. Several Clay County roads incurred heavy damage throughout the construction of the Yokohama Tire plant and, after months of planning, crews are at work on Town Creek and Camp Ground roads.
County Engineer Robert Calvert updated the board on the progress of the repair work said crews had started working on Town Creek, and were grinding pavement and putting in clay gravel to put the road back into shape.
"Yokohama has presented a contract for the $1.2 million to repair Town Creek Road and Camp Ground Road," Calvert said in a previous interview. "The $2 million for Barton Ferry and Eshman comes from an Economic Development Highway grant."
He said that Hazelwood Road had also experienced damage from the construction process, but would not be repaired as a part of this project.
"We had Hazelwood in the proposal, but there wasn't enough money," he said. "We will have some State Aid money at the first of next year, and we'll use it to do the repairs at that time."
As for Barton Ferry Road and Eshman avenue, the county approved a memorandum of understanding with the Mississippi Development Authority at its June 25 meeting, which granted the county $2 million for road repair. Board Attorney Bob Marshall said the project would include repairs for 1.65 miles of North Eshman and 1.85 miles of Barton Ferry.
"The county's obligation will be upkeep of the right-of-way and traffic flow," Marshall said in a previous interview. "The only financial obligation for the county would be if there's a cost overrun. We're going to maintain as much as $2 million will allow."