Condo work begins on Hwy. 50

Staff Writer

A new 52-unit condominium subdivision complex is on track to be built on the corner of Highway 50 and Old White Road in West Point. Tiberlane-Provias Developers of Jackson have been working with the city of West Point to launch the project for approximately two years.

"We started working with the planning commission about two years ago," said David Strange, of Timberlane-Provias Developers. "We were working to get preliminary information."

Strange said his firm has obtained the financing, has a site plan and are currently clearing the site for development.

"They will be rental units for the first 15 years," Strange said. "Then those renting will have the option to convert from renting to owning the unit."

He said the condominium subdivision complex is being developed under Section 42 housing tax credits. Section 42 was created as an incentive for developers to build apartment homes for those who fall in the medium to lower income bracket.

"We built Point Place Apartments on Forest Street," Strange said. "They are also Section 42. The complex is extremely nice."
The condominiums that will be built on Highway 50, will be townhouses, have three bedrooms, 1,500 square feet and a two-car garage, according to Strange.
"Every condominium in the complex will be built LEED certified," Strange said. "They will be state-of- the-art in energy consumption. They will be very energy efficient and keep power bills manageable."

Strange said Timberlane-Provias Developers have had a good experience working with the city of West Point. He said there is growth indicated in the area with Yokohama Tire choosing to build in Clay County.

"There is growth in West Point," Strange said. "We saw it as a good opportunity to bring in more housing. We are looking to finish the project sometime in June of 2018."
Strange said Tiberlane-Provias Developers believe the complex will be full by September of 2018.
Ward 3 Selectman Ken Poole could not be reached for comment.