Coach Speak with Raider Coach Chris Craven

Collin Brister
Sports Writer

Daily Times Leader sports Reporter Collin Brister talked with Oak Hill head football coach Chris Craven after the Raiders 49-35 loss at Columbus Christian Aacademy.

On the game:
Craven: “We had too many turnovers and too many interceptions. When you lose that battle, it’s hard to win games. We didn’t tackle well. It doesn’t matter who you play, if you turn the ball over and then don’t tackle well it’s not going to turn out on your side.
On Kimarrion Whitfield.
Craven: “We couldn’t cover him. Early in the game we had trouble maintaining him. He’s fast. We talked about it all week. If he gets out in the open he’s going to be gone. If we don’t get hands on him before he gets out on the sweep, we won’t be able to catch him. That was the case. They singled him out and put him in man-to-man coverage, and you’ve got to man up. You can either cover him, or you can’t. He played well on defense covering some of our go-to guys in the passing game.
On the effort his team played with
Craven: “There was good effort. Maybe not the effort I wanted all the time, but at the same time it’s four quarter football. We’re a small school. They’re a small school. They have injuries, and we have injuries. They have freshman playing. We have playing freshman playing. We’re both trying to field a high school team using junior high boys. Hats off to them. They coached a very good game. Whitfield was phenomenal. “
On going with the air raid in the second half
Craven: “When you get behind, and the clock isn’t on your side, running the ball only gets rid of it. Ken Dill is a good quarterback. He’s still a good quarterback. He made some great plays. There’s some miscues, but if you’re going to throw the ball a lot those are going to happen. I’m not down on my team. I’m not down on him. We just needed to have done a better job, and we didn’t do it. “
On Carrol Academy next week
Craven: “Carrol is going to be tough. They’re going to be salty. They’re going to be physical. They have real good football coaches. They’re going to be getting ready for us, as we are them. We need to do a bunch of tackling drills and some coverage drills this week. It’s not the defense, it’s not the offense, it’s not the scheming. That’s not to say coaches don’t make mistakes, but I’m saying that you’ve got to do your job well when you’re out there doing it. Players play the game, and coaches coach the game. That’s where it is. The guys are on the field, and you can’t get beat in man coverage, and if that guy beats, then that’s what happens. That’s just the name of the game. We have great kids, and they’ll hold their chin up. “