Clay County taxes can be paid online

Clay County Tax Assessor/Collector, Porsha Lee is accepting tax payments online.
Daily Times Leader

Most city and county agencies are closed to the public at this time. But the Clay County Tax Collector/Assessor's office is accepting tax payments online.

As of March 31, all transactions for the Tax Collector/Assessor's office were to be handled online, by mail, fax or telephone, until further notice.

According to Chancery Clerk Amy Berry, land records are now available online, as well.

"There is a 2.35 convenience fee for paying taxes online," Porsha Lee, Clay County Tax Collector/Assessor, said. "But it is the same as coming to the office and paying with a credit or debit card. But right now we cannot allow people inside. We don't want to contribute to the spread of COVID-19."

Per the Mississippi Department of Revenue, all penalties are waived for renewals, new purchases and those who are moving to Mississippi from other states.

"This does not include penalties for property, personal property or mobile home taxes," Lee said. "These should have been submitted by Feb. 1."

Lee said her auditors are not able to be in the field due to COVID-19.

"The auditors are on furlough," Lee said. "Governor Tate Reeves extended the deadline for personal property renditions for businesses, and filings for Homestead Exemption to May 1."

Paying online is now a permanent option for paying taxes.

"This is not temporary," Lee said. "When things open back up and return to normal, paying taxes online will still be a quick and easy way to pay taxes."

Property taxes can also be paid with an escrow account through a mortgage company, according to Lee.

"There are a lot of ways to make sure your taxes are paid on time," Lee said.

Lee is working to have car tag payments available online as soon as possible.

"I'm checking with other counties to find out what we will have to do and what the cost is to set up an online payment for car tags. We need to see if it is feasible for Clay County," Lee said. "We would receive the payment and then mail the sticker to you. That way we can cut down on those having to wait in long lines to get their stickers. It gets very hectic on the first and last day of the month."

Lee said the office accepts payments by mail for car tags now. Be sure to mail the card back or include the tag number with the payment.

"A lot of people don't know they can remit a payment by mail," Lee said. "And if you have more than one vehicle with a tag due in the same month, put both cards in the mail with one check written for the total. Unless you have to do it separately for bookkeeping purposes."

The office of the Clay County Tax Assessor/Collector, wants to make paying taxes as easy as possible.

To pay taxes online, go to