Clay County jobless rate down significantly from last year’s figures

William B. Carroll

Clay county is still lagging behind the state’s unemployment figures, as Mississippi’s rate fell below 6 percent in October for the first time since late 2007, but the county’s jobless rate is significantly lower than the same figure from a year ago. The national rate for October is 4.8 percent.
Clay County’s rate for October, according to the Labor Market Data Report released by the Mississippi Department of Employment Security, was 9.2 percent based upon 730 unemployed persons compared to an overall workforce of 7,970. This figure is a marked improvement over October 2014, when 12.7 percent of the population was unemployed, or 1,010 out of 7,940, a net improvement of 280 persons moving from unemployed to employed status. It is also a slight improvement over the revised September 2015 figures, which showed a 9.4 percent unemployment rate.
“Much of this growth can be attributed to the hiring at Yokohama Tire Corporation,” said Joe Max Higgins, Jr., CEO of the Golden Triangle Development LINK. “As YTMM continues to hire and we continue to recruit jobs to the Golden Triangle, we look for these numbers improve. If people want to work, we’re going to continue to try and provide those opportunities.”
In the Golden Triangle, Lowndes County’s unemployment for October 2015 was 6.6 percent, while Oktibbeha posted a 5.3 percent figure. Both were down significantly from October of 2014, where Lowndes stood at 8.6 percent and Oktibbeha 6.6 percent.
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