Clay County goes against state on 42

Josh Presley
News Reporter

Although statewide numbers shot down Initiative 42 during Tuesday's General Election, the same was not true of Clay County.
The initiative, which would have amended the state's constitution to require the state to establish, maintain and support an "adequate and efficient system of free public schools," was defeated by about 26,000 votes statewide.
On the ballot for Tuesday's election, voters could vote to approve or deny an amendment to the state constitution and, if they voted in favor of the change, then vote between Initiative 42 or the alternative Initiative 42A.
Statewide, the results were half and half as 332,011 residents voted to deny the change, while 306,510 voted to approve the change. In Clay County, however, 60.55 percent of voters approved the change, while about 39.45 voted to deny it. About 4,100 residents voted in favor of changing the state's constitution, while about 1,900 voted in opposition.
Many voters complained that the ballot for the initiative was confusing, and Clay County Circuit Clerk Bob Harrell said this may have contributed to longer wait times to vote than usual in some precincts.