Civitans discuss hospital project

Alvin Quinn, Linda Hannah, Bill Ladd, Acie Vance, Evelyn Bell and Betty Mason discuss community service projects for the West Point Civitan Luncheon Club. (Photo by Donna Summerall, DTL)
Staff Writer

The West Point Civitan Luncheon Club discussed providing a thank you to North Mississippi Medical Center in its previous meeting.

The Civitans hold their club meetings at the hospital and have had the hospital cafeteria cater for its events.

"We talked about doing something at our last meeting," Acie Vance said. "Has anyone gotten in touch with the staff to find out a need that we can help with?"

Bill Ladd had spoken with Anne Comer and she suggested the hospital would appreciate a wireless microphone.

"Anne Comer said she would look into how much one would cost and get back with us," Ladd said. "I think that would be within our reach and we would love to be able to supply them with something they can use. The hospital has been extremely generous to us, letting us meet here. Even when they have an event in the Education Room, they provide us with another space to meet. They deserve a thank you gift."

The Civitans agreed to wait and see what amount Comer has in mind to provide North Mississippi Medical Center with a wireless microphone.

"As another project, the Northside Restoration Committee is having a 'Poor Man's Banquet' in March to raise funds," Vance said. "What do you think about the club making a donation to that and having a Civitan table?"

Alvin Quinn asked if there could be a set amount of $200 to go toward the table at the banquet.

"We as a club can contribute $200," Quinn said. "We can have a Civitan table and attend the banquet together. I think it would be a nice way to support the restoration."

As the club only meets once-a-month, everyone needed to decide about a donation, as the banquet will probably take place before the next meeting.

The club members all agreed to present the Northside Restoration Committee with a check from the Civitans. Those who can, will attend the banquet.

"As we did not have Clergy Appreciation this year, do we still want to do something?" Betty Mason asked. "We had talked about including others, such as, first responders to show our appreciation."

The club agreed to table discussion of an appreciation luncheon until the next meeting, March 18.