City sets 2015-16 millage rate

Josh Presley
News Reporter

The West Point Board of Selectmen set the millage rate for the city and the West Point Consolidated School District for the 2015-16 fiscal year during a specially called meeting Wednesday at City hall.
The millage rate is based on the assessed value of property in the city and is used to calculate the amount for property taxes. Mayor Robbie Robinson said the board voted to set the millage rate at 94.91 mills.
"The millage rate for the general city — which includes general purpose, debt service and the Bryan Public Library — is 37.01, which is exactly the same as last year," he said. "The school district went up by .1 mills to account for how the district now includes the entire county."
He said the debt services for the school district would remain the same as last year, as the city would not put the burden of debts from the old municipal school district on citizens from the county.
The assessed value of the city was $83 million, up slightly from $82 million last year, with $7.2 million in special homestead exemptions.