City OK's Zuber maintenance fund

Josh Presley
News Reporter

The West Point Board of Selectmen voted to set aside $3,000 per year to maintain handicap accessibility at Zuber Park during its meeting Tuesday. The allotment tied into the city's application for a Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) from the Mississippi Development Authority (MDA).
The grant would be used to make the park Americans with Disabilities Act accessible. Golden Triangle Planning and Development District Project Analyst Phylis Benson said that, according to the most recent census, there were 1,758 disabled citizens in West Point.
"This will be specifically to help improve the quality of life for them," Benson said.
Mayor Robbie Robinson said that the project would entail widening and resurfacing the walking track to make it handicap accessible, as well was making improvements to the bathrooms and playground equipment. He said the improvements to Zuber Park were part of the city's ongoing initiative to revitalize all of its parks.
Benson said the total cost of the project would be $179,000, and that the city would apply for $100,000 and put up the remaining $79,000 as a local match.
"The maximum threshold for the grant is $600,000, and the minimum is $100,000 and it has to go toward publicly-owned infrastructure," she said. "Also, 51 percent of the people benefited by the project have low-to-moderate income. Disabled residents are considered part of that group."
She said GTPDD submitted an application for the grant on behalf of the city in May, and MDA had reviewed, rated and ranked applications from across the state.
"They are now in the process of completing site visits, and we received notification that Zuber Park will receive a site visit," Benson said. "The intent of a site visit is just to verify that everything I put in the application is indeed correct. A site visit is by no means a guarantee that the project will be funded."
She said MDA had encouraged GTPDD and the city to begin the next step of the process, which entailed adopting a maintenance plan and funds.