City nets $3.46 million grant for CCS program

Josh Presley
News Reporter

The City of West Point, along with Community Counseling Services (CCS), received a $3.46 million grant from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration to set up the Golden Triangle System of Care.
The program will be based out of West Point and serve Clay, Lowndes, Oktibbeha and Noxubee counties.
CCS Chief Financial Officer Richard Duggin said the System of Care would be a four-year program that would provide community-based services and support for children and youth up to 21 years old who have or are at risk of having mental health needs or other challenges with their families.
"It's really going to be based on family," Duggin said. "We're looking to teach these kids to be productive and active members of the community."
Duggin said CCS has provided System of Care services through a grant from the Mississippi Department of Mental Health for the last several years.
"The department of health didn't renew the grant and we knew the program would go away," he said. "When we saw that it needed to be a municipality or other entity to apply for the grant, we asked the city to apply on our behalf."
West Point Grant Writer Melanie Busby said the grant would help establish the program and create 12 new jobs for which it would pay the salaries.
"We're hoping that when the four-year grant period ends, there will be a plan in place to continue to sustain the program," Busby said.