City, county work together to repave West Church Hill Road

Staff Writer

Those driving on West Church Hill Road, whether for business, going to church or heading home, can't help but notice the extensive damage the road had undergone, especially at the railroad crossing.
The City of West Point and the Clay County Board of Supervisors are joining forces to bring about improvements to the damaged stretch of road.

"The project will include a little more than a mile of road," County Engineer, Robert Calvert, said. "We've reviewed the project several times in the past few months. It was drafted up a couple of months ago. The project should be finished this year."
Calvert said the city and the county had to reach an agreement, as required by the Attorney General, Lynn Fitch, as required by the State of Mississippi.

"We are going to pave West Church Hill Road all the way to the end at Prestage Farms," West Point Mayor, Robbie Robinson said.
Robinson surmised that the usage of the road by tractor trailers traveling to and from Prestage Farms and PECO, traffic on its way to Steel City Recycling, those going to attend services at Pilgrim Grove M.B. Church or those who live on West Church Hill, has hastened the need for re-paving.

"The work on the road will begin soon," Robinson said. "We are receiving $500,000, bond money from the Mississippi Legislature. The Board of Supervisors is receiving a grant from the Appalachian Regional Commission and a small municipalities grant for the project."

Robinson said the Clay County Board of Supervisors will be the lead agency. They will accepting the responsibility of accepting bids on the project.
"Any thing that cost more than the combined amounts we are receiving, will be split evenly between the city and the county," Robinson said.