City to begin taxing for consolidated school district

Josh Presley
News Reporter

Beginning this week, residents living in the former Clay County School District will receive a tax bill from the City of West Point. As a result of the creation of the West Point Consolidated School District (WPCSD), the city will now collect all school taxes in the county.
"The city as always collected only for the municipal school district," West Point Mayor Robbie Robinson said. "Now the city will be sending out for everyone due to the consolidation."
Clay County Tax Assessor/Collector Paige Lamkin said the change may be confusing for residents who live in the county.
"People who have lived in that school district all their lives are used to getting one bill with all their taxes, and probably never really noticed that part of it went to the school district," Lamkin said. "Going forward those residents will get a separate school district tax bill from the city, followed by their normal tax bill from the county."
Robinson said school taxes would be due and payable on Jan. 1, and would become delinquent on Feb. 1. WPCSD requested a $6,721,170 levy for operations, and $323,669 for debt services for this year.