Circuit Clerk and Election Commissioner District 1 discuss special election at CCBOS meeting

Staff Writer

Linda Ivy, Election Commissioner District 1, and Clay County Circuit Clerk, Kim Hood, spoke to the Clay County Board of Supervisors about the special election to take place Sept. 22, to fill the seat in District 37 House of Representatives, formerly held by Gary Chism. There will be some changes to the protocol of casting ballots due to COVID-19.

"We have three candidates who have qualified to run for the seat," Hood said. "This includes parts of eight precincts in Clay County. We wanted to let you know. The CARES Act will help with the federal election in November but not with this special election."
Ivy said the Election Commission is cutting back on the number of poll workers at each participating precinct. As special elections do not typically have the high number turnout as is expected in the November election. There will be four machines at each precinct.

"We will have to have someone to wipe down and sanitize tables and voting machines in between each use," Ivy said. "We will have to have someone to clean the tablet we will be using for curbside voting for the elderly and disabled, after every use."
Ivy asked if the supervisors could help with procuring plexiglass for use in the elections to help protect the poll workers.

"Many of our poll workers are retirees, who are nervous about the pandemic," Ivy said. "We are thinking about shields, as well. There will be about 41 people with the polls and then two at each precinct to continuously clean. We don't want any cross contamination."
Hood said they are not ready with a dollar amount that this will cost the county for the special election.

"We will require masks for voting," Ivy said. "Do you know of any way the county could help us with providing the facial coverings?"
Sheriff Eddie Scott said masks will be made available for the election.

"I think things like plexiglass will be used in the November election too, and will be covered by the CARES Act," Hood said. "They will supply masks and what we need for that election."
Supervisor Lynn Horton asked what would be done if some came for vote but refused to wear a facial covering.

"We will not deny anyone their Constitutional right to vote," Ivy said. "If they would prefer to vote in their car, we would take a tablet to them. It is for the elderly and disabled, but we will work with them. They can vote by affidavit. We will not keep anyone from casting a ballot."
Ivy said they want to keep the process as stress free as possible for the poll workers.

"We need to keep track of the expenses that are being incurred because of the COVID," County Attorney, Angela Ford, said. "If we can show the difference in the cost of a special election prior to COVID, versus one with all the added specifications, maybe we can recoup some of the cost."

Clay County Tax Assessor/Collector Porsha Lee came to the CCBOS to file the Real and Personal Land Roll for 2020.
She asked them to authorize and approve:
Rolls for 2020.
Clerk's Affidavits for Real and Personal Rolls.
The board unanimously approved.
The board unanimously authorized and approved payment to Flood Plain Coordinator Randy Jones, in the amount of $1,205.52.
The board unanimously authorized and approved:
The advertisement to the Public Notice of Land Rolls.
The Justice Court settlement for July 2020.
To renew the maintenance agreement on the Land Recording and Scanning System in the Chancery Clerk's office.
The transfer of the Una Palo Alto Volunteer Fire Truck to Union Star Volunteer Fire Truck temporarily.
The Clay County Board of Supervisors went into executive session, no action was taken.