Church Hill students visit Dugan

Staff Writer

First grade arts students from Church Hill Elementary School had been learning to create art with negative space, creating a fall tree scene with watercolor and tape. They took the pictures to Dugan Memorial Home and presented them to the residents Friday morning.

"I thought this would be an event we could have maybe once a month or every other month to teach our students ways to give back to our community," Andrea Cohen, art instructor at Church Hill, said. "We hope it will help teach them respect for the elderly."

The children sang to the residents in the family gathering center and handed out the pictures they had drawn.

"The students wrote on the back of the picture, a little encouragement and love to the residents,' Cohen said. "Some of the children have grand parents and great-grandparents who live here. Others have parents who are employed with Dugan. Very few were shy about interacting with the residents and showing them the art work."

Most children delivered hugs along with the pictures they had drawn, much to the delight of the residents.

"We talked about what we were planning to do with the pictures while we were in class," Cohen said. "They were all excited to write a special message on the back. Some of them I helped with the message, others knew exactly what they wanted to say. We all think it’s a good idea to start teaching them early to give back and these people appreciate the visit so very much."