CCBOS tables bids for garbage truck until Monday

Staff Writer

The Clay County Board of Supervisors opened online bidding, as advertised for the purchase of a 2020 garbage truck, at 9 a.m. Thursday. Chancery Clerk Amy Berry monitored the bidding process during the meeting via Finley Ward Central Bidding. Bids were to close at 10 a.m.

County Engineer, Robert Calvert spoke to the CCBOS concerning the Right of Way on the 4 County Project ERBR-13(01). It was approved.

The board authorized and approved the following:
The YTMM Sewer Extension Project-Prairie Belt Power Site Pay Request.
The agreement with KCS for Fiber Project at Court Complex.
Authorize payment for 12,500, to KCS for contract agreement.
Accept the Meal Log Affidavit, submitted by Sheriff Eddie Scott.
"I would like approval to submit an application for a $5,000 K9 grant," Scott said. "It would allow us to buy more equipment for our K9 unit."
Payment to Calvert Spradling Engineers for $9,316.88 and to Tanner Construction for $103,468.25.

Mike Sanders brought the contract for renewal to assist the Office of the Tax Assessor/Collector in Clay County with mapping of property.
"It is the same contract as it has been for the past four years," Sanders said. "I try to hold down the cost. We have gone digital. There is a $3,000 increase. We are trying to get our maps up to date. We want to have everything available online. We update them twice a year."
Personal property has become more complicated with Yokohama and PECO Foods. it means more time has to be spent mapping the properties. Navistar will also be adding more jobs.
"The REAL is $65,000 the mapping is $24,000 a year," Sanders said. "And $12,000 for personal. The contract is good for four years. There is a total increase of $5,000 a year."
The CCBOS approved the renewal of the contract.

After 10 a.m. the online bidding was closed. The board decided to table the presentation of bids until the Budget Hearing at 9 a.m. Monday, Sept. 14.
The board entered into executive session to discuss a security matter. No action was taken at this time.