Cannon responds early, rest of the Wave follow for homecoming victory

Hunter Cloud
For Daily Times Leader

The football spiraled in the air before dropping in the hands of West Point’s Dantariyus Cannon for a 15-yard touchdown to start the game. 

The pass thrown by Brandon Harris was caught on a flag route. Cannon had to fight a Saltillo defender for the ball to come up with the catch. 

“I knew I had it because I knew I had a great quarterback, who threw it on the money,” Cannon said. “I told him just put it In there and I’ll get it. I got it.” 

It took just 2 minutes for the Green Wave to get on the board and they scored three more touchdowns before the end of the half leading to a 34-7 win on Friday night.

Cannon also contributed to the score sheet again as he raced to a 53-yard touchdown run to start the second quarter to make it 27-0.

“It felt great,” Cannon said. “When I knew I saw light, I turned them on.” 

Cannon led West Point on the field with two big touchdowns, but he also lead the team off the field. In the second half, the Green Wave put in their backups so Cannon helped the team from the sideline. 

West Point head coach Chris Chambless said that Cannon means the world to the football team. Cannon is a senior this year and a player that Chambless said the team will miss when the season comes to a close. 

“He is a good young man, fun-loving kid, (and) love having him around,” Chambless said. “He does a great job. Right along with Brandon and all the other guys. We couldn’t be where we are without a whole team of guys like them.” 

In the years that Cannon has played football at West Point, he has been a player that Chambless said was a joy to be around and Cannon has never had a dull moment. 

Reflecting on his career thus, as the Green Wave enter their last few games, Cannon said that the team is a family to him.

“Around the coaches it feels like a whole another family,” Cannon said. “Nothing but family. We come together. (We are) 11 brothers.”

That family environment was on display when Jamarr Davis went down with an injury and had to be taken off of the field in an ambulance 4 minutes into the third quarter. While tests after the game showed that Davis was doing fine, during the game and after the game there was a bit of uncertainty. 

At midfield after shaking hands with the Saltillo football team, all the players, coaches, and cheerleaders from both sides met together in a moment of prayer and unity.

Cannon said that it is hard to stay focused when a player gets hurt. 

“It is very hard to keep focused especially losing a player,” Cannon said. “They are still family. It’s hard, but you have to stay focused and do it for him.”

The West Point defense was just as effective as the offense as it held Saltillo to 34 scoreless minutes.

Chambless said that the team is fitting well together and has gotten stronger as the season has gone on. 

Looking ahead to the next game, Chambless repeated the fundamentals of the game that he says are the most important for success. Tackling, blocking, and playing good clean football.

After a dominant performance by the Green Wave, Chambless said that he has been proud of the effort his team has displayed in both practices and games. 

“I felt pretty good about our team,” Chambless said. “I love our team. I wouldn’t want to coach anyone else in the state besides the guys I got.”