Business is blooming at Clay County Co-Op

Joyce Walker helps James Binder at the Clay County Co-op. (Donna Summerall, DTL)
Staff Writer

With many people unable to return to work due to the COVID-19 pandemic, backyard gardening and do-it-yourself landscaping have become a pastime for those with a green thumb and a love of the outdoors.

"There was no way to foresee how COVID-19 was going to effect our business," John Elliott, of the Clay County Co-op, said. "We have been busy. Now that people have time, they are planting gardens, making flower beds, growing plants in canisters. It's been great. People often say they wish they had time to have a garden or work in their yard. I'm glad they are taking advantage of the time off to be outside and watching what they've planted grow."

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