Busby discusses playground plans at Rotary

Staff Writer

West Point City Grant Writer and Administrator Melanie Busby addressed the West Point Rotary Club Thursday on the upcoming addition of a playground to Marshall Park by Yokohama and KaBOOM! The three day event will provide area children with a fun and safe place to play.

"We are very excited about the new playground that will be built in Marshall Park," Busby said. "Yokohama is paying for the material and supplies for the three day build. But we still need volunteers to construct the playground and donations for feeding the volunteers breakfast and lunch."

Busby said volunteers must be 18 years old or older to work on the playground. The first day will need about 30 volunteers from 8 a.m. - 4 p.m. Thursday, Oct. 26. It will be for priming, unboxing, sorting and getting everything ready, Busby said,

"Friday is for whatever didn't get finished Thursday," Busby said. "Like priming and applying second coats of paint. There will not be a lot to do that day. Just making sure everything is ready to go Saturday morning. The playground should be finished by 4 p.m. We need about 200 volunteers to make this happen."

Busby said Yokohama is be flying in volunteers who are project managers and engineers who do will help get everything on track.

"We have to provide food, breakfast and lunch for approximately 250 people," Busby said. “Those who are not able to help with the playground construction can donate money for food and water. Yokohama is paying for the project but we will need a lot to feed these people We, as a town, also need to provide tools. Every tool that is loaned will be inventoried and returned. This is a big project, we need a lot of help."

Tools needed are:
Spade Shovels
Rock/Metal Rakes
Digging Bars
Cement or Garden Hoes
Garden Hoses with Spray Nozzles
Power Strips/Cord Splitters
Pop Up Tents
Six Foot and Eight Foot Step Ladders
Claw Hammers
Corded Drills
Cordless Drills with Chargers
Twenty Five and One Hundred Foot Extension Cords
Garbage Cans
Tables and Chairs

She said this is a once in a lifetime experience. When the playground is completed, it will show solidarity with Yokohama in not only providing employment, but in working with them to make West Point a better place to live.

"There will be pods for children with special needs," Busby said. "A rock climbing wall, very appropriately, a tire swing, and many more components that were suggested by the same children who will be coming here to play."

Busby said the local Mennonite Church will be building and donating picnic tables for the area around the playground. There are plans to build a large Connect Four game, a Ga Ga Pit and a giant Jenga game for older kids to enjoy, according to Busby.

"This is going to be a West Point project to benefit West Point children," Busby said. "We are happy Yokohama chose this location for the playground. Fifth Street School is within walking distance and Marshall Park is in a residential area. A lot of children will benefit from us all working together."

Volunteers need to sign up online prior to Oct. 28.
For more information call 494-2573, to volunteer sign up online at https://www.tfaforms.com/4632255.