Burglary suspect gets second chance

DTL Staff
Staff Writer

A 24-year-old West Point man completes a year of intensive rehabilitation and earns the right to keep his record clean. But he still must serve five more years of probation.

As part of a plea bargain agreement, Hakeem Saul was given five years non-adjudicated probation for the Aug. 18, 2016 attempt to break into the home of Yalunka Shields at 320 Tom Bayne St. in West Point.

According to Clay County Circuit Court records, Saul attempted to get into a building at the address through several windows but never succeeded. He ultimately was scared off but witnesses identified him as the suspect. His fingerprints also were found on the window sill.

Under the agreement accepted by Judge Lee Howard, Saul completed the year-long Teen Challenge program and has since “been a law-abiding citizen,” Assistant District Attorney Marc Amos said during Tuesday’s brief hearing.

The victim in the case agreed to the sentence, Amos said. Saul must pay her $150 in restitution for the broken window.

Saul had no prior felonies and had a drug habit at the time.

If he completes the probationary period, the case won’t show up on his record. But if he gets into trouble, he could have to serve the five years.

In an unrelated case, 32-year-old Marcus Mosley, of West Point, pleaded guilty to fourth-offense DUI and will be sentenced today. Prosecutors have recommended six years with four suspended and two to serve.

The latest arrest came on Dec. 9, 2017. He has prior convictions in May 2012, August 2013, and May 2015b in Clay County. He is on probation in Lowndes County for DUI and grand larceny from 2013.