Bryan named new director of WPCCAS

Neely Bryan was named director of the West Point Clay County Animal Shelter. (Photo by Donna Summerall, DTL)
Daily Times Leader

The West Point Clay County Animal Shelter began 10 years ago under the direction of Bill Gibson.

When he chose to retire, Lisa Henley took over the reins at the shelter and has been overseeing the care and feeding of hundreds of dogs and cats for more than seven years.

Due to health issues, she not longer wants to head up the animal shelter.

Neely Bryan is the new director of the West Point Clay County Animal Shelter.

"I've been volunteering here for more than a year," Bryan said. "It is such a wonderful place to be a part of. I love the fact the animals who are here, stay here until they are adopted."

Bryan said she always wanted to be an animal warrior. She began by seeing dogs on chains in yards and asking if she could walk them.

"There are so many dogs living chained, unable to run and play," Bryan said. "It just broke my heart. They are so sad. So I was walking dogs all over town who weren't mine. I have the help of the Mormon Missionaries, or I wouldn't ever be able to leave town."

She has been walking dogs and volunteering at the shelter, so Frank Portera thought she was the perfect person to be in charge of the shelter.

"Neely Bryan is a tremendous asset to our animal shelter," Portera said. "We are sorry to lose Lisa Henley because of health issues."

Bryan wants to educate children about the responsibility of pet ownership.

"I want children to understand that dogs and cats have feelings, too," Bryan said. "They get hungry, thirsty, they feel hot outside in the summer and cold in the winter. They aren't supposed to be chained in the yard for their whole lives."
Bryan lived in New York City for 10 years before coming to West Point.

"Living in the city, a lot of people have dogs in small spaces," Bryan said. "But there are dog parks to take them to so they can run and behave like dogs. We need that here."

She said she gets up at 5:30 a.m. and hits the ground running, knowing there are dogs waiting for her.

"I have all of these sweet souls waiting for me," Bryan said. "I can't disappoint them. I love the dogs that I walk and all the ones at the shelter. I was born to do this."