Brown to present suspense novel at LWB

Janet Brown will be presenting her suspense novel "Deadly Visits" to the December session of Luncheon With Books, at noon, Thursday, Dec. 12. (Submitted photo)
Staff Writer

Mississippi author Janet Brown continues touring with her long-awaited suspense novel "Deadly Visits" with a visit to the Bryan Public Library at noon, Thursday, Dec. 12.

Friends of the Library sponsor the monthly session and offer lunch for a $6 donation to Friends.

Author of three previous books, Brown has lived in Ridgeland since 1991 and is a two-time winner of the Eudora Welty Award for Fiction.

“‘Deadly Visits’ begins a bit like a ghost story, but it’s a whole lot more,” Brown said. “It’s a suspenseful read driven by what can happen when cutting-edge technology gets in the hands of the wrong people. There’s even romance, as the protagonist, who is married to one of the enterprising techno-geeks, isn’t sure she can trust him and brings in a quirk private investigator."

The following is a synopsis of "Deadly Visit."

“Emily Durham appears to have it all: an accomplished, hard-working husband named Alex, three beautiful young children, and a lovely old home in the wilds of South Dakota after a move six weeks previous from her native Mississippi. What is missing, is warmth. The mind-numbing winter cold and the bleak, desolate surroundings underscore the growing disconnect between Emily and Alex, a rising executive with a cutting-edge IT firm. A young mom, she’s now a thousand miles from home and isolated in a strange, barren land where she knows no one. So it is disconcerting when she sees (or thinks she sees) a young girl in a yellow dress in her home on an especially frigid afternoon just before Alex arrives from work. This coincides with the news that her estranged father has passed away, and when Emily returns to the Ross Barnett Reservoir area of Madison County, her world turns upside down when she is not only visited at the wake by an old boyfriend, but the young girl in the yellow dress makes another appearance—and causes a car crash.”

“The book was great fun to write, and I look forward to visiting West Point and the people in the Friends group," Brown said. "Speaking at libraries all over the state and meeting so many fellow writers and readers has been a joy.”

Lucille Armstrong, the president of Friends of the Library, said Joe Lee, owner and editor of Dogwood Press, had recommended Brown to come to speak at Luncheon With Books at the Bryan Public Library.

“Janet wrote this book over 15 years ago and was turned down by publishers who thought the plot just wasn’t feasible from a technological standpoint,” Lee, owner and editor-in-chief of Dogwood Press, said. “Not any more, in my humble opinion, here in 2019. In addition to being a very compelling page-turner, the plot, driven by enterprising IT executives who get carried away with their mind-control experiments, is more than realistic in this day and time.”

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