Brasfield announced as grand marshall for 'Christmas in Paradise'

Monte and Suzanne Brasfield loved the beach, each other and West Point. (Submitted photo)
Staff Writer

There were no two people in West Point who personified the love of the "beach bum lifestyle" like Monte and Suzanne Brasfield. The couple could often be found at Fort Morgan Beach in Alabama.

When deciding on a theme for this year's Christmas Parade, Growth Alliance Director Lisa Klutts thought "Christmas in Paradise" would a fun idea.

"When I thought about Christmas in Paradise, who would have loved it more than Suzanne Brasfield?" Klutts said. "But as she passed away so suddenly, I wanted to ask Monte if he would be Grand Marshall with Suzanne, and in memory of her."

Klutts said she wanted them to be grand marshall together.

"I don't know of anyone who loved the beach like Suzanne did," Klutts said. "She and Monte are always so active in the community. They would help with the lineup for the Christmas parade. So I told him this year he had been promoted to grand marshall."

Monte Brasfield had been the grand marshall of the Boo Parade in 20018. He was dressed and painted as the "Great Pumpkin" and Suzanne was in her jester costume from the Wizard of Oz.

"Monte is such a good neighbor and friend," Klutts said. "He and Suzanne were always supporting the West Point Clay County Arts Council and anyone who asked them to help. I think he's the perfect grand marshall this year."

Brasfield was shocked and humbled for Klutts to ask him to be the grand marshall and was so pleased to have Suzanne included.

"It is such a sweet thing for Lisa to ask me to the grand marshall," Brasfield said. "To be part of the parade in honor of Suzanne, it is so wonderful that she thought of this. The idea of a beach theme, Suzanne would have loved it."

Brasfield said Suzanne loved West Point and the children, so it is ideal to have the grand marshall position in her memory.

"Louise Campbell and I would dress up as Mickey and Minnie Mouse," Brasfield said. "We had so much fun in the Christmas parade and no one knew it was us."

The Brasfields were often helping behind the scenes during the West Point Clay County Arts Council Productions.

"But when she was in the 'Savannah Sippin Society' she loved it," Brasfield said. "She had a ball in that play."

Brasfield wanted to do something special for the Louise Campbell Center for the Arts in memory of Suzanne. He approached Louise Campbell for an idea of something that was needed.

"She told me they had to borrow or rent the stage lights," Brasfield said. "So I told her to order what they needed. I would take care of it. They put up a sweet plaque to say the lights were in memory of Suzanne and the time she played Marla Faye."