Board of Supervisors discuss inmate cleanup

Staff Writer

Clay County Sheriff Eddie Scott spoke to the Clay County Board of Supervisors about the inmate cleanup program Monday morning.
"It's an awesome program," Scott said. "We purchased a larger truck that had a backseat in order for Ralph L. Heard to be able to take a crew out into the county to help clean up trash. He'll be in charge of the inmates. He can get up with the supervisors and find out where they are needed."
Scott had been invited with other groups to meet the new coaching staff at MSU.
"When they heard I was from Clay County, they all wanted to talk to me," Scott said. "It was exciting to meet the new staff. Even people who had never been to West Point had heard about our football program. It really made me feel good to have them so interested in our football team."
Circuit Clerk Amy Berry asked the board to approve her entering into a contract with Election System Software for election support in the amount of $2,505.
"We need to move forward with the software," Berry said. "It was tabled during our meeting last week. The primary election is next Tuesday. Bob Harrell is not able to help. He is serving in the military at this time."

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