Beloved doctor retires from NMMC-West Point

	 Sue Robinson, a long time patient of Charlotte Magnussen, M.D. tells her doctor how she will be missed during Magnussen's farewell reception at North Mississippi Medical Center, Thursday.
Staff Writer

Local obstetrician-gynecologist Charlotte Magnussen, M.D., is retiring after more than 24 years of practice in West Point.

Dr. Magnussen joined Dr. John Shields at the Clinic for Women in March 1994. The clinic affiliated with North Mississippi Medical Clinics in 1997 and became known as the Women’s Group, which also had a Columbus location for many years.

She earned her medical degree from the University of Alberta in Edmonton, Canada in 1983 and completed a residency there in 1988. She moved to West Point after practicing for five years with the Abbott Clinic in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

“West Point has welcomed me with true Southern hospitality. It became my home, and it feels like home,” Dr. Magnussen said. “I’ve had a truly wonderful career thanks to all the support I have received from this community.”

Besides delivering hundreds of babies in West Point, Dr. Magnussen has been an active community volunteer and hospital leader. She served two six-year terms on the NMMC-West Point Board of Directors and currently serves on the Connected Care Partners Professional Standards and Credentialing Committee. Over the years she has served on several North Mississippi Medical Clinics committees, including Clinic Operating Group and Clinical Quality. She also completed NMMC’s Physician Leadership Institute.

"Dr. Magnussen saved my life," Darlene Cox, patient of Magnussen, said. "She had to perform emergency surgery to give me a radical hysterectomy. I really love her and hate to see her leave."

Sue Robinson is also a patient of Magnussen's and has been in her care for more than 20 years.

"I hate that she is retiring," Robinson said. "I'm going to miss her. You develop trust with your doctor, over the years, especially a gynecologist. But I'm glad she has plans to enjoy her retirement."

Dr. Magnussen was a longtime member of the West Point Rotary Club. She and her late husband, Ron Tibbett, who passed away in 2004, founded the Magnolia Film Festival in West Point in 1997. She continues to be involved with the film festival, which is now held in Starkville.

While retiring, Dr. Magnussen has no plans to slow down.

“Travel is my priority right now,” she said.

After retiring she has several trips planned, including many to visit her daughter and son-in-law, Christine and Nick Grabbs, who live in Poetry, Texas, a suburb of Dallas. She plans to spoil her 3-year-old grandson, James, and granddaughter Clementine, who was born in February.

Retirement will also grant time to revisit some old hobbies, golf and making pottery. She also likes to read and is a member of a local book club, and she enjoys knitting. She has a keen interest in healthy living and enjoys working out at the NMMC-West Point Wellness Center.