Adventure ATV navigates industry nuances

Robbie Faulk
Daily Times Leader

Sonny Jameson had a couple of minutes to spare on Wednesday to talk, but between his own farming and what he has going on at his business, he was limited.

Jameson and Adventure ATV alike have been loaded down of late during the COVID-19 pandemic and time is something that he cherishes right now. The ATV industry as a whole has seen a boom during the pandemic between farming and recreational use alike and Jameson has tried to navigate it the best he and his staff can.

He estimates the business is up 80% from where it was a year ago.
“It’s a very interesting industry,” Jameson said. “Once you have one of these units on land, you can’t live without it. We’ve got a fantastic staff that are dedicated from our mechanics to sales. Those people know what they’re doing and they make it go. We’ve been common sense careful and handled everything the right way I think.”

The store has been open throughout the pandemic because the equipment is considered essential for farmers and land owners, but they’ve locked the doors when a certain amount of people occupy the store. Most of the orders have been done online but the service center has remained busy as has sales.

Having been around the business for 20 years, Jameson has watched it grow from a side-by-side to different makes and models and all kinds of ATVs for all kinds of people. He hasn’t been able to pinpoint exactly what has been in demand during this uncertain time because everything is flying out of the store and out of the factories, which has made things difficult for the industry moving forward.

“It’s all over the board from ATVs to side-by-sides. There is no rhyme or reason,” Jameson said. “Because of the sales and the demand, we just don’t have the inventory right now. Our struggle is probably going to be sustaining our business in sales moving forward the next quarter and it’s going to take a hit everywhere because our factories are shut down right now. Hopefully we can get back going pretty soon.”

In the meantime, they’re still servicing many in the industry like farmers and ranchers and that’s one way that they plan to continue to do good business for West Point and the surrounding area.
The staff of 14 people has remained in tact and plans to continue forward with that number through the tough economic times. 

While the future may not be certain for Adventure ATV and ATV retail stores everywhere, they’ve enjoyed servicing the community for the last couple of months and they plan to until they no longer can. It makes for even more long days ahead for Jameson juggling farming and his successful business and he’d have it no other way.