Administrator and Teacher of the Year named at WPCSD Board meeting

During Monday night's meeting of the West Point Consolidated School District Board, Superintendent Burnell McDonald awarded Richard Bryant, principal of Fifth Street Junior High, Administrator of the Year.
Staff Writer

West Point Consolidated School District Superintendent, Burnell McDonald opened Monday's School Board meeting by expressing his appreciation to the board for their service to the WPCSD.

He continued by naming Fifth Street Jr. High principal, Richard Bryant, Administrator of the Year.

"I was very surprised," Bryant said. "I want to thank my staff of teachers like Roulette Hosey. They deserve the credit."

McDonald then announced Hosey, seventh grade math teacher at Fifth Street Jr. High, was named WPCSD Teacher of the Year.

"I was not expecting this," Hosey said. "I'm overjoyed. Building a relationship with your students is the key to being successful."

After the Administrator and Teacher of the Year honors had been bestowed, McDonald relinquished the floor to Church Hill Elementary principal, Cindy Donahoo who gave a short presentation of the progress being made with the first and second grade students at Church Hill.

"We have adopted a new reading program," Donahoo said. "At first my teachers were in a panic, but everything seems to be gong very well. The program promotes independent reading. Michelle Armstrong, one of my teachers said she has never seen kids on fire for reading. It is a great program."

Donahoo said it changes the way the teachers teach. She said she never liked the idea of teaching toward the test.

"Now I want to see teaching to the standards of reading and vocabulary," Donahoo said. "The students are working on reading, vocabulary and writing. When you master those things, there is nothing you can't do."

Church Hill is instituting an after school program, "Read to Learn; Learn to Do. Monies for the program came through a grant from Mississippi State University.

"Children at Church Hill and South Side are in charge in the mornings," Donahoo said. "They are doing the morning greetings and announcements over the intercom. Librarian Elisha Chambless, chooses the Readers of the Month and the top from each school are recognized as Rotary Readers of the Month. We are really excited at Church Hill."