Absentee ballots finally arrive

Clay County Election Commissioners Hubert Caston and Linda Ivy check the numbers of the first batch of Republican absentee ballots.
DTL Staff
Staff Writer

A week after absentee voting was supposed to begin, Circuit Court clerks across the state finally have got ballots from the printer.

The ballots arrived Monday in Clay County and election officials began counting and sorting them to make sure the numbers and printing were correct. Clay County has several precincts that are split between different districts so getting the ballots sorted correctly is important.

The elderly, handicapped, people who will be out of town on Aug. 6, the day of the Republican and Democrat primaries, and people who must work that day and might not be able to get to the polls, can vote absentee between now and Aug. 3.

Ballots are available at the Circuit Court clerk’s office in the county courthouse.

Under the state’s original election calendar, absentee voting was supposed to begin June 24.

To be able to vote in the Aug. 6, primaries, people must be registered to vote by July 8. The Circuit Court clerk’s office will be open from 8 a.m. until noon Saturday forepeople wishing to register or to check a registration. Voters also can cast absentee ballots that day.