’Strict monitoring’ ordered in stalking case

Staff Writer

A 37-year-old West Point man will be allowed to post bond but must remain on “very strict” electronic monitoring while a city judge hears charges he repeatedly stalked a former girlfriend.

He also must complete anger management classes during the next six months as part of his punishment for violating protective orders directing him to stay away from the woman.

But as an added precaution, West Point City Judge Mark Cliett also ordered the woman not to have any contact with him or risk being held in contempt and jailed, too.

“I’ve got to figure out a way to protect her while letting him out so his rights aren’t violated,” Cliett said Tuesday during a hearing for Harvey Young.

“This needs to be very, very strict monitoring, nobody needs to be contacting this lady at all,” Cliett continued, recalling how the woman was “scared to death” when she appeared in court a month ago to get the protective order and have Young violated on a previous order.

He is completing a jail sentence for that violation.

“I don’t want to let you out and something happen that makes me regret I didn’t give you the full six months when we were hear last month,” Cliett told Young.

“We have a real problem with men thinking they can just tell women what to do and control them. We’re just not going to have it,” the judge continued.

Young is accused of showing up at the woman’s new residence and threatening her and threatening her at her job.

“Set up a perimeter around her house and her job and make sure he understands in,” Cliett told representatives of North Central Probation Services who will be monitoring Young’s activities via GPS devices and his adherence to anger classes and other conditions.

Cliett will hear the stalking charges during a June 18 hearing.