‘The Atoning’ heads to Magnolia Film Festival

Josh Presley

West Point filmmaker Michael Williams’ homegrown horror movie “The Atoning” will screen during the Magnolia Film Festival at 7 p.m. Saturday at Hollywood Premier Cinemas in Starkville.
Williams said “the Mag” was a special event for him personally, as it was started in West Point by Ron Tibbett, before moving to Starkville after three years.
“I’ve had 10 films play in the Mag Festival over nine years,” Williams said. “It was the first film festival in the state, and with this being the 20th year, they’re really celebrating Ron TIbbett’s legacy.”
He said “The Atoning” would be the closing night film on Saturday, and that this would be the closest local screening for the foreseeable future.
“We’re going to Meridian on March 24, and then Huntsville on April 14,” Williams said. “We’re hoping to have some more festivals and some other special screenings in the future. For West Point and Clay County, this is the closest it will be for now.”
Williams said the Mag provided a personal experience between filmmaker and audience.
“You can really connect with filmmakers there, and the film selections tend to be more artsy,” he said.
This will be the movie’s second festival appearance, after premiering at the Oxford Film Festival a few weeks back.
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