Wave archers improve, take AIMS North State

The West Point High archery team poses after winning Monday’s North State.
DTL Staff
Staff Writer

West Point High’s archery team saved its best for last.

After shooting mediocre scores for much of the season, the Green Wave archers spent the last two weeks practicing hard.

It paid off Monday as they shot a season-best score of 3,050 to claim the Archery in Mississippi Schools North-State title at Itawamba Community College in Fulton.

They now will go for the AIMS state title against Stone County and West Harrison next week.

First-year archer Jacoby Vance shot a season-high 275 for the top boys score and third-year shooter Lidia Portera had her season-best 269 for the top girls’ score.

Coach Steve Cannon has said all season the team would have to get to at least 3,000 points to have a chance. Prior to Monday, the best they’d done was break 2,900.

“We finally got there. They’ve practiced enough the last two weeks and it paid off,” he said.

In addition to Vance and Portera, JaQwan Young shot 269, his best score of the year, Leamber Hughes and Deisy Moreno both shot 264, Emanuel Thompson scored 261, Tyrese Johnson scored 258, Antonio Scales shot 252, Tommy Gates recorded a 238, LaJaylon Sykes scored 237, Cameron Young had 228 and Dax Lewis scored 221.

Archers shoot six rounds of five arrows each. A bullseye is worth 10 points and the points fall from there. The top 12 scorers count but a team must have at least four male and four female scores in its top 12.