Sundbeck releases statement on Ritz closure

Josh Presley

Press release

Milton Sundbeck, owner of the Ritz Theater and Conference Center and Café Ritz, announced earlier this week that effective Dec. 31, the restaurant will close.
“It is with a heavy heart and a lot of personal emotions that I must make this decision”, Sundbeck said. “Federal mandated legislation regarding wages and benefits for employees prompted us to re-analyze this business entity. In addition, my other business interests require me to devote the majority of my time to them. The growth and stability of the downtown area of West Point is so important to me, and I regret this decision had to be made. Since 2009, the Ritz Theater & Conference Center and Cafe Ritz have been a visible focal point for downtown West Point.”
All commitments for events, parties, receptions and other events through the end of December will be held as scheduled with no interruption in the services. Moving forward, Sundbeck said that he will be looking for someone interested in a lease/operating type agreement for this facility or perhaps someone in the catering business who would like to promote events along with their catering business.
“I will do everything within my power to find a viable individual/group to keep this facility operational,” Sundbeck said.
Employees at the Conference Center and Café were notified earlier of the anticipated closing. They, too, are committed to fulfilling all of the functions scheduled through the remainder of the year.