Selectmen approve substation project

Staff Writer

During the meeting of the West Point Board of Selectmen, the board approved an invoice for payment of engineering services for the SAWW grant Yokohama Boulevard, sewer extension project , (request for cash from ARC) Phylis Benson in the amount of $35,424.
"It will install sewer lines out on Yokohama Boulevard," Benson said. "Which will open up another section for potential new industry."
Mayor Robbie Robinson took this opportunity to announce Navistar would adding 500 permanent employees at its facility.
The request for cash in the amount of $35, 424, was approved.
The millage rate for the City and West Point Consolidated School District for 2020-2021, would not change. There was no increase of the millage rates.
The board approved the milage rates.
"It is always a good thing when we don't increase taxes," Robinson said.

Jeff Atwell, electrical engineer from Starkville, presented the bid tabs for transformers on the South West Point 161/13kv substation project.
"We have four projects planned for the next couple of years to upgrade the city's electrical system," Atwell said. "Phase one with PECO Foods has been awarded and is ready to begin. They are working in Louisiana at this time helping to restore power after the hurricane. It will not delay the project."
There will be bids on the construction of the new Phase two South West Point Substation. It will allow there to be another feed to maintain power in case of an outage by the original feed.
"It will be a good upgrade to the city," Atwell said. "From a liability standpoint and for economics."
Transformers need to be purchased as soon as possible, under normal circumstances it would take about eight months for delivery, possibly longer with COVID-19. Atwell recommended that the equipment be ordered.
The bid from Howard Power Solutions from Laurel Mississippi, was approved.

The board approved the following:
To advertise for a journeyman lineman for the electrical department.
To spread on the minutes MCRGG bad debt from the electrical department.
CAO recommendations to hire an apprentice lineman.
Code officer Jeremy Klutts gave an update on blighted property at 215 Clark Circle and 165 Lone Oak Park.
According to Klutts, proper notification was given, and the city now has the rights to maintain the property.
Renewal of the Proclamation of Existing Emergency and Resolution Requesting Governor to proclaim Emergency for declaration; 4429,4450,4538,4536,4528, and 4478.
To name Torrey Williams EMA Director, Applicant Agent for declarations 4429,4450,4538,4536,4528, and 4478.
Authority for the City Clerk to sign certifying the State and City Agreement and the Designation of Applicant Agent for declarations; 4429,4450,4538,4536,4528, and 4478.
To approve Randy Garmon, School Resource Officer, WPPD to Update of Skills Training in Moorehead, Mississippi, Sept. 27 - Oct. 1, 2020.