Sectman asks for an additional 144k to pave Deerfield Subdivision

Staff Writer

Ward 3 Selectman Ken Poole asked the West Point Board of Selectmen for an additional $144,000, for the paving of Deerfield Subdivision, where Poole is a resident.
During the June 9, meeting, the board approved and accepted the bid on the General Obligation Bonds, to be used for the improvement of roads in West Point.
The City of West Point received $2.1 million to fund paving/street improvement projects throughout the city in all five wards.

Mayor Robbie Robinson made recommendations for $1,045 million to used for repaving and repair work on sections of major arteries that go through almost all of the wards, of Main, Broad, Commerce and North Division Streets. Then $429,000 would pay for engineering fees and other contingencies, while the remaining approximately $682,000 would be split evenly among the city's five wards, approximately $136,000, for work deemed necessary in each ward.

"We have never gotten together to decide how the road improvement money should be spent," Poole said. "Main Street was chosen at $484,000, Broad Street at $432,000, Commerce Street at $22,000, North Division was $20,000 box culvert and $86,000 at North Division. With other contingencies."
It leaves $136,000 for each ward, it was a recommendation by the mayor, it has not been voted on or approved by the board.

"We have an area in Deerfield that has never had a paved road, not in 20 years," Poole said. "Roads are in bad shape. All of the roads on list are already paved. Deerfield has never been paved. At $136,000, we are $144,000 short of being able to pave this road. I want to move some of the money from Broad Street to bring us up to the amount needed."
Poole said the tax base for the area is $55,000 a year. In 20 years that is $1,000,100, in 15 years that is $825,000, ten years in $500,050. The residents of Deerfield are asking for a small piece of that back.
"I'm not against any of these other streets," Poole said. "Main Street does need to look nice I understand that. But maybe we can take the money from Broad Street, and pave Deerfield."

Robinson said, if they do not go through with the work on Broad Street, the savings must be divided equally between all five wards. Not with a lump sum going toward one ward.
"The city engineers provided their input according to needs, " Keith McBrayer said. "They drove all over the city and made the assessments accordingly. That is part of the process."
Robinson said that is how the figure was arrived upon for what streets and how much it would take to pave it.

"It benefits everyone to improve the major arteries in the city," Robinson said. "Main Street goes through four wards, all except for Jasper Pittman's ward. I suggest it be divided equally in each ward."
The issue was tabled for future discussion.