PECO Foods still on schedule

Staff Writer

The January meeting of the West Point Board of Selectmen began on a high note with an update from Jordan Townsend of PECO Foods.
"We have invited Mr. Jordan Townsend with PECO Foods," Mayor Robbie Robinson, said. "Things of interest are taking place there. He can inform the public and the board."
Townsend first came before the WPBOS to announce PECO Foods was coming to West Point, two and a half years ago.
"Kind of a state of the union address," Townsend said. "We've been running the freezer for a little over a year and a half now. We are employing about 86 team members there on site."
Townsend wanted to give some reassurance about what is going on at PECO.
"Like every industry, Covid has challenged the protein industry, as well," Townsend said. "We have had to change our train of thought. With that we think the strategic plan that we laid forth, with the closing of the Brooksville and Canton locations and the Philadelphia hatchery, will allow us to continue to grow."