Local agencies will benefit from United Way Day of Caring

Staff Writer

United Way Day of Caring will offer the opportunity to lend a helping hand to many different agencies in West Point. Work at the various agencies will begin at 8 a.m. Tuesday, Oct. 24, and volunteers and agency representatives will meet in Sally Kate Winters Park at noon to enjoy a boxed lunch provided by North Mississippi Medical Center.
Clay County Day Care is one of the departments that will be hosting volunteers during the Day of Caring.

"The volunteers will be rocking, singing to and reading to our babies," said Margarette Davenport, executive director of Clay County Day Care. "The children are looking forward to seeing new faces and meeting new people."

Davenport said there will be yard work and there are some dividers that are in desperate need of painting.
"We don't mess around, this is like any home," Davenport said. "There is always more to do. We get one project accomplished and several more arise."

Davenport said she is more than happy to have people come to visit to see what CCDC for the children while parents are working.
"My favorite thing is to see the progress the children make," Davenport said. "We work with them, encourage them, and love them. It shows. We share every milestone and every triumph in their development. I love children, if I didn't, I would be doing something else."

She said the staff and children are all excited about participating in the United Way Day of Caring.

Jane Scott is director of the Project Homestead Food Pantry, and they are also participating in the United Way Day of Caring.
"We are so happy to have some more hands to volunteer for that day," Scott said. "There are still people who don't know we are here or what we do for the hungry in this community. We want everyone to know."

Scott said before the Day of Caring had been on a day when they weren't providing groceries to the clients. She said everyone took a tour of the facility, saw the scale of what the food pantry is doing, but did not get to see them in action. It will be different this year.
"Since the Day of Caring is on a Tuesday, the volunteers can be part of us for the day," Scott said. "We'll be getting in the donations that Walmart makes on that Tuesday. They can help us stock the shelves and put everything away. We have clients who will be picking up their groceries."

Scott said she is looking forward to the volunteers seeing how appreciative all the clients are. She said they appreciate what we do for them so very much.
"We are feeding more than 800 individuals a month," Scott said. "We can always use donations because we don't want to think about anyone going hungry in our community."