Klutts presents updates on blighted propery during public hearing

Staff Writer

Code Enforcement Officer, Jeremy Klutts, gave an update on blighted property in the city.
Selectman Ward 4 Keith McBrayer called for the meeting of the Board of Selectmen to become a public hearing to discuss the issues.

"There are three properties, the first is 703 South Division," McBrayer said. "Are there any owners of this property present? Any family of Mr. Spruill? If not, we will continue with Jeremy Klutts."
Klutts said everything possible has been done to get in touch with the family, the property is overgrown, neglected.
"Mr. Spruill has passed," Klutts said. "His sons have lost interest in the property. Taxes have not been paid since 2018."
Binder asked how long has the property been unoccupied.
"I don't know," Klutts said. "But it was before my time here."
McBrayer said the city has been mowing the property and applying the cost to the taxes for quite a few years.

"The next item is 113 High Street, owned by James Thompson," McBrayer said.
There were no members of the Thompson family present.
Klutts said grass is waist high, Thompson has lost interest in the property and the taxes are not current.

The final piece of property is at the end of Llwelyn Street, it is an empty lot, according to Klutts.
The property was owned by John Brown and neither he nor any family members were present at the hearing.
There was no response from the property holder, according to Klutts
"Did the owner move away," Binder inquired.
Klutts replied in the affirmative.
The board of selectmen approved the properties being declared an nuisance.

McBrayer asked for a motion to end the public hearing and return to the board meeting.
"I have a couple of things to add," Klutts said. "Jacks will be opening August 19. We have a couple of remodels, two new constructions on Deerfield. A couple of demolitions will be going on, that's about it."
All department heads submitted the monthly reports. They were asked it they wished to discuss any business, all declined.
The board made the recommendation to continue the closure of the public parks.