eBooks available from BPL through RB Digital

The Bryan Pubic Library is closed, but patrons can download books with any device with internet access. (File photo)
Donna Summerall
Staff Writer

The Bryan Public Library is remaining closed to the public due to the COVID-19 outbreak, but patrons can still borrow books.

With West Point following the shelter in place order, many more people are looking for innovative ways to occupy their time.

"We have books, magazines, children's books, all available in eBook format," Tanna Taylor, director of the Tombigbee Regional Library System, said. "You can download the free RB Digital app from the Google Play Store or Apple Store. RB Digital asks for your library, and the number on your library card."

Patrons must have a library card in order to borrow digital books and magazines.

"It works the same way as borrowing a book from the library," Taylor said. "It will disappear from your device after two weeks. That way you never have overdue fines when you borrow your books electronically."

Not only can you download the latest novel, but magazines and children's books are available and easy to download.

“The nice thing about eBooks for kids is they don't have to return them,” Taylor said. “No overdue book fees for returning it after two weeks is up. No having to remember where the book is and keeping up with it. It will just disappear from the device. You can't misplace or damage an eBook. Children, however, can lose or damage the device they are reading it on.”

Taylor said originally, an eReader such as, a Nook or Kindle was the ideal device for downloading and reading an eBook.

"Now you can easily download books to your phone, iPad, tablet, laptop or home computer," Taylor said. "That way you have it with you no matter where you are. I use mine for magazines, primarily. But with children out of school until August, being able to download books they would enjoy is so very easy, and it's free."

Anyone who has a phone with an eReader app, a tablet or some device, has a way to hold thousands of pages of text in very little space. Borrowing from the library onto an eReader is a smart way to save money, according to Taylor.
There is not an opening date as of yet, for the Bryan Public Library, but everyone who has a library card can take advantage of eBooks.

Fee WiFi is available outside of the Bryan Public Library. Taylor said people are welcome to sit outside on the benches or in the parking lot and take advantage of the WiFi.